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[audio]Clarity Quest Vinny Eastwood - Zane Henry
Radio talk show host Vinny Eastwood joins the podcast to talk about media and current events.
Keywords: alternative media politics
Downloads: 36
[audio]The Hidden Tyranny-The Harold Rosenthal Interview
Rick Adams and his co-host discuss the Harold Rosenthal interview. Also a high-quality text to speech reader reads the text from the actual interview.
Keywords: Conspiracy; alternative media
Downloads: 1,375
[movies]Jane Fonda at the Media Reform Conference - snowshoefilms
Jane Fonda's speech at the Media Reform Conference Jan 2007 in Memphis TN.
Keywords: alternative media; womens issues; war
Downloads: 1,942
[movies]Between Us - Entre Nous
Not all France has given up, some brave souls are standing up to the nonsensical decay, and are trying to do something about it. La Revolution Bleue (the blue revolution) was founded on the dream of what France may yet still become. Their symbol, a blue scarf, suggests their objective: a clear horizon.
Keywords: france revolution political alternative media
Downloads: 244
[audio]twwojc - jc

Keywords: news; alternative media; politics; conspiracy; philosophy
Downloads: 20
[audio]RR27092012 - V
Second ep of the 2012 series with your host V
Keywords: Rant; r4nger5; alternative media
Downloads: 31
[audio]Priniting lies, spreading propaganda - Texe Marrs
Texe Marrs talks about mainstream media and their owners
Keywords: mainstream media; Jews; Zionism; alternative media
Downloads: 133
[audio]Alex Jones interviews David Icke 10-12-2009
Alex Jones interviews David Icke 10-12-2009 on the great worldwide awakening
Keywords: Alex Jones; David Icke; Alternative media
Downloads: 408
[audio]Texe Marrs interview Michael Collins Piper The Judas Goats - Texe Marrs
The Judas Goats: "The enemy within," thatâs what author and researcher Michael Collins Piper calls the men who are today betraying America. Zionist schemers have burrowed their way deep into the American system. Now they are able to suck the very lifeblood out of this country. Their real goals are to end American sovereignty and make us over into a miserable, socialist, Third World slave nation. These are the Judas Goats, haters of patriotism and nationalism...
Keywords: Zionism; Jews; alternative media; mainstream media
Downloads: 322
[audio]Bill Brumbaugh Show with Eustace Mullins
Must hear discussion of hidden history with Eustace Mullins on the Bill Brumbaugh Show
Keywords: history; religion; censorship; media; alternative media
Downloads: 190
[audio]The Ugly Truth with Joe Cortina and Brother Nathaniel Kapner - Mark Glenn
Mark Glenn interviews both Brother Nathaniel Kapner from RealZionistNews.com and Captain Joe Cortina from MyNameisJoeCortina.wordpress.com about the constant assault on Christianity.
Keywords: Christmas; religion; Christianity; media; alternative media; Jews
Downloads: 252
[audio]George Noorey interviews Alex Jones on the Charlie Sheen hoax - George Noorey
George Noory chides Alex Jones on his 'stunt' and seems very hurt or annoyed that Joneschose to do release this information in the way he did. Jones even seems like he is agreeing that the method was bad but Noory seems to be very upset. Separately, a few other blogs were up in arms about Sheenâs letter being a âhoaxâ because the disclaimer clarifying that the meeting with Obama was a stylized fictional account and not a real event did not get added to the bottom of the article until a little...
Keywords: 9/11; mainstream media; alternative media
Downloads: 281
[movies]Channel X - Episode 1 - Nathan Chang
Channel X launches! Finally, here's a show that dares to go where conventional Singaporean media doesn't.
Keywords: singapore alternative media civil society politics liberal
Downloads: 175
[audio]Texe Marrs interviews Andrew Carrington Hitchcock on the Synagogue of Satan - Texe Marrs
0ne group and one group alone is responsible for virtually all wars and bloodshed on the face of this planet. This evil cabal is few in numbers but, like a deadly octopus, its tentacles reach out to grip and strangle untold multitudes of innocent victims. The initiates of every secret society and internationalist organization, from the Council on Foreign Relations and the Jesuits to the Bilderbergers and the Order of Skull & Bones, obey the dictates of this sinister group and tremble when standi...
Keywords: Zionism; alternative media; history; Israel; Rothschilds
Downloads: 846
[audio]Michael Collins Piper 1-10-2010 - Michael Collins Piper
Michael Collins Piper and Mark Glenn discuss Brother Nathanael of Real Zionist News on his encounter with law enforcement thugs during his Los Angeles street evangelism.
Keywords: religion; law enforcement; police; Zionism; Jews; journalism; alternative media
Downloads: 63
[audio]Jason Bermas Jewish Media Controversy
Various files on the controversy of Infowar's Jason Bermas cutting off and berating a caller who dared to bring up Jewish domination of the media.
Keywords: Jason Bermas; Alex Jones; Zionism; Political Correctness; Alternative Media
Downloads: 106
[audio]The New African Magazine, an interview - Frederick Noronha (FN)
An interview with Regina Malanda, the Zambian deputy editor of The New African magazine, published from London. The interview was conducted at Doha, Qatar.
Keywords: the new african; regina malanda; magazines; alternative media
Downloads: 12
[audio]The Common Denominator Behind Federal Despotism - Phishna
Imagine a religion born of hate. Imagine that this hatred was so intense that it followed humanity through time and still is affecting the world today. Imagine that this hate was codified into religious law and became the basis of our reality today.
Keywords: Judaism; Zionism; Jews; 9/11; mainstream media; alternative media
Downloads: 131
[audio]Ry Dawson on Israel, AIPAC, Iraq and 9/11 - Ryan Dawson
Ryan Dawson from www.rys2sense.com talks about a host of issues from the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Iraq war, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) treason case, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the 2001 anthrax attacks and YouTube censorship. www.undertheradarmedia.wordpress.com
Keywords: Israel; AIPAC; Iraq; 9/11; anthrax; YouTube; Alternative media
Downloads: 239
[audio]The Ugly Truth with guest Brother Nathanael Kapner 5-24-2010 - The Ugly Truth
The one and only Br Nathanael Kapner of www.realjewnews.com joins the show to discuss the latest from the giant toad John Hagee and how it is the duty of all Christians to support the outlaw state of Israel and its outlaw religion. http://theuglytruth.podbean.com/
Keywords: Israel; Zionism; alternative media; religion; Christian Zionism; Judaism; Talmud
Downloads: 110
[audio]Praising Lucifer with DJ Devel (Ed Chiarini) - The Celtic Rebel
The second known recording of The Celtic Rebel's new music show. Includes a surprise appearance by Ed Chiarini (Dallas Goldbug). A down to earth discussion between two of the most controversial figures in alternative media. Topics discussed: the industry, stalkers, humanity and honor.
Keywords: dallas goldbug; celtic rebel; music; honor; alternative media; conspiracy
Downloads: 244
[audio]Ognir from The Info Underground discusses Debunking the Anti-Defamation League
Ognir from the Info Underground discusses the Debunking Abraham Foxman from the Anti-Defamation League audio series from Under the Radar Media Pleaese visit these fine websites: www.undertheradarmedia.wordpress.com/ www.theinfounderground.com http://www.theinfounderground.com/
Keywords: Israel; Zionism; Anti-Defamation League; Alternative Media; Palestine; G
Downloads: 382
[audio]Texe Marrs - Sorid Drama of the Mind-Controlled Beauty Queens
Texe Marrs host of Power of Prophecy and Freeman discuss the possibility of various Hollywood celebrities being mind-controlled and the Hollywood cult of Kabbalism.
Keywords: mind control; Hollywood; mainstream media; Kabbala; alternative media; cult
Downloads: 180
[audio]Cynthia McKinney Free Palestine interview with The French Connection
Documenting the ongoing battle against the Israeli government to ship humanitarian aid into Gaza June 25, 2009 interview with formenr Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Ognir from TIU and Daryl Bradford Smith from I Am The Witness http://theinfounderground.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6099 www.iamthewitness.com
Keywords: Gaza; Congress; government; politics; conspiracy; Israel; Zionism; alternative media; DBS
Downloads: 41
[audio]RNB - Interview with Maurice Carney - Radio Not Bombs
Full interview with Maurice Carney, Executive Director of Friends of the Congo, originally aired on March 13, 2008 edition of Radio Not Bombs. A wide-ranging discussion on the crises in Congo, the silence of the Western media, and corporate interests in ignoring the bloodshed. For more, visit www.friendsofthecongo.org
Keywords: Congo; neoliberalism; alternative media; independent media; Africa; corporations; corporate media
Downloads: 60
[audio]The Info Underground with Daryl Bradford Smith 11-8-2008 - TIU Radio
Ognir, webmaster of TheInforunderground.com and host of TIU Radio and Daryl Bradford Smith of IAmtheWitness.com discuss the issues of the day.
Keywords: Israel; Middle East; Zionism; politics; internet; alternative media; Jews
Downloads: 10
[audio]Mad World Radio Archives
Mad World with Antonia Leslie on Tir na Saor Community Radio.www.tirnasaor.com
Keywords: Radio Talk Show; Mad World; Tir na Saor; Alternative Media
Downloads: 29
[texts]Handbook for Citizen Journalists - Ron Ross and Susan Carson Cormier
The book calls for ONE MILLION citizen journalists to step forward and volunteer to cover news events in their community. Sports reporters, city hall reporters, business and industry reporters, political reporters, law enforcement reporters, reporters of all kinds are needed NOW.
Keywords: citizen journalism; citizen journalists; alternative media; advocacy citizen journalism
Downloads: 137
[movies]Samsel Report 11 30 2013 Slideshow - bill samsel
This show was broadcast on 11-30-2013 on Revolution Radio. It turned out to be a really great show, so we threw some pics and graphics together and the result is what you have here. The Samsel Report is broadcast every week at 9 to 11 central... 10-12 eastern... on Revolution Radio at www.freedomslips.com in studio B.
Keywords: news; alternative news; truth news; patriot news; alternative media; satire; comedy; conspiracy; Alex Jones
Downloads: 8
[audio]Patricia McCallister at Occupy LA: Tell The Truth, Lose Your Job
Patricia McCallister, a Los Angeles substitute teacher was fired by the school district after giving Reason TV a statement on what really plagues American at an Occupy LA event. McCallister had previously been looking into evidence relating to the LAUSD witholding pay from substitute teachers, as well as the alleged fraudlent credentials of LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy.
Keywords: Wall Street; Occupy LA; Los Angeles; activism; protest; economy; banking; Jews; Zionism; politics; alternative media
Downloads: 6
[audio]Yongsan Sisters #1 - Yongsan Ddeok & Heemang Macha
This is the first broadcast of the weekly radio program "Yongsan Sisters," part of an alternative radio station, "Media Redevelopment," at the Candle Light Media Center in Yongsan, Seoul. This program is all in Korean language.
Keywords: Yongsan Sisters; Media Redevelopment; Seoul; Alternative Media; Radio; Candle Light Media Center; Korea Indymedia
Downloads: 18
[audio]2010-10-21 Train CHUO 89.1 FM The Stimulator Franklin Lopez and G20 Toronto - Denis Rancourt
On October 21, 2010, The Train radio interviewed Franklin Lopez (aka The Stimulator), creator of submedia.tv.
Keywords: Denis Rancourt; Train; CHUO; The Stimulator; Franklin Lopez; G20 Toronto; alternative media; submedia tv
Downloads: 63
[audio]2011-08-18=Train=CHUO=Lia-Tarachansky=Israel-social-unrest - Denis Rancourt
On August 18, 2011, CHUO 89.1 FM (Ottawa, Canada) The Train's Denis Rancourt interviewed Lia Tarachansky by phone in Israel to talk about her Real News coverage of the massive social demonstrations in Israel. The main issue is social and affordable housing. This has brought out more than 250,000 demonstrators at one time.
Keywords: Denis Rancourt; Denis G Rancourt; CHUO; Train; Israel; Palestine; civil rights; Lia Tarachansky; alternative media
Downloads: 60
[audio]Be the Media, Action Radio #1 - MC Dope & Giraffe
This is the first broadcast (april 21, 2009) of Be the Media, a program of the alternative radio station Media Redevelopment at the Candle Light Media Center, Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea. Be the Media is a radio program project of Korea Indymedia. MC Dope and Giraffe were MCing this first show. Anyone is invited to participate and contribute to the program. The program was broadcast in both Korean and English, switching between the two languages throughout the program.
Keywords: Be the Media; Korea Indymedia; Korea IMC; Candle Light Media Center; alternative media; Yongsan; Seoul; Korea
Downloads: 911
[movies]Alternative Views #413:A LIVELY CONVERSATION WITH ARTHUR KINOY - Frank Morrow
413. A LIVELY CONVERSATION WITH ARTHUR KINOY A long time civil rights lawyer-activist and member of the National Lawyers Guild, Kinoy has fought and won many legal fights at the national and local levels. He had an acrimonious appearance before the House Un-American Activities Committee, and he argued cases before the Supreme Court. In a colorful and vivid style, Arthur describes his battles, places civil liberties abuses by governmental agencies in historical perspective, and dramatically warns...
Keywords: Alternative Views; progressive media; alternative media; public access television; Frank Morrow; Doug Kellner; Austin Community Television
Downloads: 135
[audio]2010-11-04 Train CHUO 89.1 FM Dan Dicks from Press For Truth - Denis Rancourt
On November 4, 2010, The Train interviewed well known documentary film activist Dan Dicks of PressForTruth.ca by phone from Toronto. It was an interview that examined Dan Dicks work, motivation, and philosophy. It took us through Dan's trail from chemtrails to international banking to Bilderberg watching to his recent feature length documentary United We Fall to G20-Toronto revelations to Officer Bubbles interviews and so on.
Keywords: Denis Rancourt; Train; CHUO; Dan Dicks; PressForTruth; G20 Toronto; alternative media
Downloads: 59
[audio]Artificial scarcity and the anatomy of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic
Alex Jones discusses the Council On Foreign Relations plotting an H1N1 vaccine shortage scam. Watch the criminals discussing it in the following video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rd9eXb-JGdk
Keywords: H1N1; science; government; pandemic; Council On Foreign Relations; conspiracy; media; alternative media
Downloads: 19
[movies]Alternative Views #162: TALKIN' UNION, Part I - Frank Morrow
"Talkin' Union" is a documentary made by People's History in Texas about the working conditions of female workers in Texas from the Depression to the l950s. The film shows the struggles of these women to improve their working conditions by trying to establish unions. The first program starts with the Depression and continues to World War II. Four women--two Chicanas, one Black and one White--tell their stories...
Keywords: progressive media; alternative media; public access television; Frank Morrow; Doug Kellner; Austin Community Television; unions; women
Downloads: 245
[audio]Ownership of Hollywood and the manistream media
Jeff Rense interviews Texe Marrs on the men who own all of hollywood and 90% of all mainstream media in America. Other topics include the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, the American Israel Public Affairs Committe spy scandal and more.
Keywords: Hollywood; mainstream media; alternative media; Holocaust; Jews; Zionism; WW2; anti-Semitism
Downloads: 234
This assortment of news and special reports contains sections on abortion and birth control, the impending economic collapse as seen by insiders in the national and international power structure, a pictorial history of Poland, and two scientific discoveries which, had they not been suppressed, could have had tremendous impact on our lives. News/recorded: June 23, 1990; April, 1990; December, 1989; November, 1989 "Suppressed Science" Copyright 1989 Copyright July, 1990 ***************************...
Keywords: progressive media; alternative media; public access television; Frank Morrow; Doug Kellner; Austin Community Television; power structure
Downloads: 219
[movies]Alternative_Views-Program_Catalog - Frank Morrow
Catalog for all Alternative Views programs. See http://www.archive.org/details/alternative_views/
Keywords: progressive media; alternative media; public access television; Frank Morrow; Doug Kellner; Austin Community Television; power structure
Downloads: 257
[audio]The Ugly Truth with Jenifer Dixon 1-25-2010 - The Ugly Truth
Mark Glenn from the Ugly Truth podcast interviews writer and Middle East political activist with Jenifer Dixon, author of the book âThe Holy Land Unveiled on Israeli terrorism, infiltration and surveillance. theuglytruth.podbean.com/
Keywords: Jews; religion; Christianity; Judaism; Israel; Zionism; Holy Bible; Talmud; Palestine; information; alternative media; Middle East
Downloads: 82
[movies]Flashback to 2002: Is U.S. Big Media Still Brainwashing Us? - Indymedia Presents
Flashback to 2002: Is U.S. Big Media Still Brainwashing Us? In the last few years many Americans have come to believe that the war in Iraq is wrong. Fewer it would seem, have the same opinion about the war against Afganistan. Let's go back with US Representative Jim McDermott Indymedia Presents is available as an RSS feed at: Blip TV-- http://indymediapresents.blip.tv ... or download/subscribe to the Indymedia Presents podcast via Miro Player (free and open-source, because open media matters!) h...
Keywords: Iraq, Afganistan, big media, alternative media, war; war Afganistan; big media
Downloads: 85
[audio]Anti-War Radio - Does America Need Another 9/11?
Scott Horton takes Stu Bykofsky of the Philadelphia Daily News to task for his suggestion that America needs another 9/11. By the end of the interview, Scott is practically straddling Bykofsky and pummeling him with facts, when Bykofsky goes whoops! I have a "real job" I have to get back to. The interview unfortunately ends abruptly.
Keywords: 9/11; media; Philadelphia; terrorism; war; politics; news; alternative media; Iraq; Afghanistan; September 11
Downloads: 22
[audio]Charles Giuliani - Israel and September 11, 2001 - Charles Giuliani
Charles Giuliani "Truth Hertz Radio December 2009 talking about Israel and the attacks of September 11, 2001.
Keywords: Israel; 9/11; alternative media; terrorism; Zionism; Jews; war; Iraq; Iran; Afghanistan
Downloads: 128 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]Alternative Views #507: HEALTH VS. PROFITS - Frank Morrow
A speech of a medical doctor from Harvard Medical School who shows the deficiencies of the Clinton health plan and the advantages of the single payer system in Canada. He also specifies the lies and misinformation of the Clintonites and the mass media regarding the subject. Copyright October, 1993 ******************************************* * Note: * The Alternative Information Network * address in the video is no longer in use...
Keywords: progressive media; alternative media; public access television; Frank Morrow; Doug Kellner; Austin Community Television; health care
Downloads: 249
[movies]Alternative Views #446: POTPOURRI 15: RACIST PUBLICATIONS, CIA & SPIES, GULF, PALESTINIANS - Frank Morrow
This mixture of news and special reports provides the following: a show-'n-tell of white racist organizations' publications; John Stockwell relating how the CIA treats defecting foreign agents, and how it gets rid of its own people who have been discovered to be double-agents. News: May 16, 1991; October, 1990 John Stockwell: January, 1986 KKK: December, 1979 ******************************************* * Note: * The Alternative Information Network * address in the video is no longer in use...
Keywords: progressive media; alternative media; public access television; Frank Morrow; Doug Kellner; Austin Community Television; racism; CIA
Downloads: 361
[audio]Radio Sarang, Mangalore, India - Recorded by FN/Frederick Noronha
Community/campus radio station Radio Sarang operates from St. Aloysius College in Mangalore, Karnataka, India. An introduction to the station and a tete-a-tete with Fr (Dr.) Richard Rego SJ, the director of SARaNG FM Community Radio. He is Head & Assoc. Professor of the Department of Mass Communication (PG), St Aloysius College; PB 720 Mangalore - 575003. Contacts for him phone: +91-824-2449700-01 (Off) +91-824-2449706-07 (Res) +91-9448546425...
Keywords: radio; community; india; mangalore; karnataka; st aloysius; alternative media; community radio; radio sarang; konkani; beary language
Downloads: 30
[audio]The Great Canadian Talk Show - Thursday, November 19, 2009 - 92.9 KICK-FM
Independent talk.
Keywords: The Great Canadian Talk Show; alternative media; talk; news; radio; Winnipeg; 92.9 KICK-FM
Downloads: 9
[texts]Belarusian Social Forum - collective of authors
materials, sections, outcomes, Russian, Belarusian, English versions, booklet published by the organizational committee in 2008. quite random selection and slightly out of date, but presenting a range of initiatives, grassroots social justice movements and groups descriptions and contacts.
Keywords: Belarus; Social forum; anti-market living networks; alternative media; commerce-free; social justice
Downloads: 399
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